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Track Name: Hated Ones
Same old shit just a different day, no sense of unity I just feel hate
won't say the right things won't bow to the cool kids, my whole life I could see through the bullshit
Fuck your handshake id rather spit in your face, I never want acceptance from the people I hate
Just another coward, a walking disgrace, I never want acceptance from the people I hate

Hated Ones - the true outcasts of the hardcore scene

Hated Ones - always on our own and that's just fine with me

Wont waste my time on those who don't deserve it, cuz what I have is mine I fucking earned this
Im loyal to those loyal to me, nothing but hate for all the fakes I see

It is what it is - Five Nine against the world like its always been
Track Name: Cursed
i feel no hope, all ive known are lies since birth
now look the jokes on me, for ever believing in society
politics and religion , work and daily strife
keeping your head above water is the purpose of your life

theres no gods above - only hell on earth - your death is release - from a life thats cursed

corporate masters , are modern gods, with corrupt politicians so easily bought
hard to face so you close your eyes, while you're drowning in the lies
your mind is lost in fantasy , of a life youll never know
slave to a system , where you have no control

seek shelter seek peace , in a world where hope's deceased
these four walls are closing in , theres only emptiness within
Track Name: Call your crew , not the cops
no honor among thugs, ratted out by fucking scum
handle your business and keep your mouth shut, cops picked you up then you werent so tough
live by the code while others don't , paperwork doesnt lie about the words you spoke
bitch move but what should i expect, always were a coward never had my respect

call your crew not the cops

win or lose a fight is a fight, handle your business and move on with your life
cant waste your time on people lower than you, theyll bring you down so both of you lose
keep my enemies as far aways as i can, and make sure your family understands
if the day comes theres no room for police, call your crew and go back to the streets

theyll be a day , where we're face to face, i see a cowards eyes, i see right through your lies

youre a coward motherfucker, nothing but a coward motherfucker

now its time to end your fantasy, pay back for your weakness is now reality , scum like you deserves no sympathy