Welcome To Youngstown

by crowd deterrent

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released June 23, 2017

Dave Piatek Recording in cleveland , thanks to him for all the hardwork on this ep !



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crowd deterrent Youngstown, Ohio


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Track Name: Welcome To Youngstown
welcome to youngstown

since we were kids, we had to fight for respect, refused to settle for anything less, chip on our shoulders cuz fuck all the rest , and we always stay down, welcome to youngstown

never gave a shit about wrong or right, any sign of trouble and all of us fight, our friends are family and this is our life, and we aint fuckin around , welcome to youngstown

said we would fade fast, and we could never last, just some punk ass kids who don't know how to act, and now they're gone and the crew's still strong , cuz we hold it down , welcome to youngstown

a place called nowhere's where we live our lives, a total legacy of violence and crime , its the environment that molded our minds, until im cold in the ground welcome to youngstown
Track Name: Hard Talk
its not the first time won't be the last, mind my business but still im harassed,
another coward i don't even know, weak people just cant leave shit alone
if theres a problem im easy to find , down to throwdown , got nothing to hide, we can settle this right in the streets, but cowards like you call the police

a lot of hard talk but not a lot of follow through, talkin hard about shit you would never do
a lot of hard talk but not a lot of follow through, talkin hard but i can see the bitch in you

be careful what you wish for , cuz your fantasy is about to end
be careful what you wish for , your reality is just pretend

just a fake a face in the crowd , i hear you talking but you're not around , scared to death you'll get caught out alone, just remember you reap what you sew
shouldve learned when enough is enough, cuz when i catch you out, im fucking you up , scum like you is a waste of my time but ill still be there for your demise

times change but a coward always stays the same
times change but a snitch always passes the blame
times change but a coward always stays the same
they'll never change they'll never change
Track Name: Enemies
Enemies , are at your door , plotting and scheming to take all you worked for
expect no mercy, and give none in return , nowhere to turn back , when all bridges have been burned

your enemies - are my enemies too
your enemies are my enemies too, sacrifice for me i do the same for you

desperate times, call for desperate measures, vengeance is a must , now more than ever
when peace has run its course, and words have no worth, crush all your enemies , before they get you first

search for peace so deep inside , hatred is all you'll find

so forget it, forget the weakness thats holding you back
and don't regret it, show no mercy when you attack
Track Name: Sacred Order Sacred Flesh
theres no stopping me , this is destiny , there are some things you cant understand, in a world without gods there is certainty , that realitys decided by man

Sacred Order Sacred Flesh
finding truth in disguise , in a world built on lies

through the darkest times, the cult survives , you cant stop what you cannot understand , no place for leniency or complacency , all that is true can be corrupted by man

nothing more final than death , nothing more sacred than flesh, from the highest of highs , to the lowest depths